Materials We Service


Is your vehicle carpet worn out from your heels?  Color Glo installs or replaces heel pads in every type of vehicle. Some vehicles come with heel pads to protect the carpet, some do not.  Heel pads can dramatically extend the life of your vehicles carpet and are very important especially in vehicles driven during winter.  The salt and dirt have a dramatic affect on your vehicles carpet.  Do you have stains from beverages or food?  Color Glo cleans and restores your carpet to like new condition.  Maybe you’re just tired of the color of your vehicles carpet?  Color Glo offers color restoration/redye of carpets as well!!


We live busy lives these days!  Our home becomes the main attraction for entertaining our friends and family.  Add a couple of children to the mix and you might have dirty or damaged sofas.  Color Glo International is the industry leader in restoring your investments.  Color Glo can repair or clean anything from rips, tears, burns, frayed stitching, beverage & food stains, lipstick, ink stains and everything in between!  Maybe you’re hosting a Christmas party or Summer barbeque coming up and you just want your furniture looking it’s best for your guests? Maybe the party was a hit and you need some repairs or stain removal after the entertaining is over? Give a Color Glo certified technician a call.  We are mobile and offer onsite service so there is little inconvenience to you, our customer!  Our repairs and cleaning are environmentally safe and children/pet friendly.  We use water based products so you don’t have the dingy chemical feeling after we’ve completed our service.  We even have general cleaning kits to provide you for the next time you find yourself needing a spot removal product that really works!


Color Glo International offers the best in leather restoration.  Our certified technicians are completely mobile and come to you!!  We offer free estimates and provide onsite service that fits your schedule.  Our products are water based and environmentally friends.  They are safe for pets and children also.  Our repairs, cleaning or color restoration can be done either at your home or work and most work dries within moments so your investments is ready to use right away!!


Color Glo International provides repair and re-dye services to hard plastics.  It’s a common issue in vehicles these days for the dash or door moldings to crack, become faded or even stained.  We are able to restore plastic materials to like new condition.


Color Glo International repairs and restore vinyl!!  Having spent the summer out on the boat, you now have stains and some damage to your seats?  Call Color Glo.  70% of furniture sold these days is vinyl in most parts.  Have a rip, cut, tear or stain on your home, RV or cabin furniture?  Call Color Glo.  Automobile’s have vinyl throughout, covering steering wheels, seats and trucks and even doors. Color Glo offers onsite service to repair, restore and re-dye your vinyl.