Office Furniture

Color Glo Can Repair, Restore and Rejuvenate All Your Office Furniture!

Keep all your vinyl and leather office chairs for longer and restore them to like-new status. We do all our repairs on site which eliminates any possible down-time for our customers and keeps your employees happy and productive.

On-Site Service

  • Property never leaves the customers site.
  • Convenient for our customer.
  • Eliminates customer down-time.
  • Property is always secure.

Cost Effective

  • The customer can realize huge cost savings compared with the alternative of replacement.

Restored Items Demand Higher Retail Values

  • Owners can expect higher re-sale prices with restored property.
  • Increases Potential Profit Margin.
  • Saves Insurance Dollars.
  • Valuable Partnership with Color Glo creates peace-of-mind knowing that items can be restored to new.

Permanent Lasting Repairs

  • Specially formulated proprietary water-based products used in this market.
  • Non-flammable and odorless.
  • Reconditioned items dry in minutes and can be used almost immediately.