Incredible Interiors
The automotive industry in India has grown significantly in the last decade. Today Indian roads sport Indian manufactured automobiles like Tata Motors, Maruti, and Mahindra and Mahindra as well as a long list of international luxury brands; Rolls Royce, Bentley, Ferrari, Porche, Lamborghini, Mercedes Benz, BMW, AUDI, Jaguar, and Volvo.   No matter the segment, people are willing to spend large amounts to have their car looking good on the outside and the inside.

Nothing says style and class better than leather detailing, leather upholstery and well maintained vinyl, fabric, and plastic. As time passes, constant exposure to grime, dust, and body oils, your plush and expensive upholstery and detailing will start looking a little worn out.

The team at Color Glo has designed an exclusive line of conditioners, cleaners, polishes, repair kits, and recoloring kits that will keep your vehicle’s interiors looking clean and well maintained at all times.

From Ferraris to Fiat’s and Mercs to Maruti’s, we attend to each vehicle with the same passion and dedication because we know everybody loves their ride.

Say no to re-upholstery and trust Color Glo’s automotive history

Whether passengers are on a long or short flight, traveling on business or pleasure, they seek quality, comfort and cleanliness. With so much competition, you wouldn’t want to lose passengers because they found the flight interiors unsightly or the upholstery faded, would you?

Color Glo offers a wide range of products and services that will keep the aircraft interiors; aircraft seats, side panels, headliners, seat bases, table tops, and window reveals vacuumed, waxed and polished.   Our services include cleaning and conditioning, repairing worn areas, and re-dying damaged areas. Our products clubbed with our expertise will take care of scratches, stains, and tears of all shapes and sizes.

Color Glo specialists have worked with all grades of leather, vinyl, and plastic. We follow strict quality controls and protocols. One of the many benefits of working with Color Glo is that all our products are FAA/EASA approved and environmentally friendly.

The next time you have an annual inspection coming up, Color Glo will be happy to give your aircraft a facelift.

Products and services that will keep your ratings high



Leather Repair for homes

At Color Glo, we know how attached you are to your leather sofa set. You’ve had good times entertaining friends and family and watching TV. But of late you’ve started to notice scratches and fine lines marred over its beautiful surface.  You are starting to think replacement or re-upholstery.  Please don’t. Color Glo will have your sofa set looking as good as new in no time.

Color Glo offers an exciting ranges of services and products designed to service and restore leather, vinyl, fabric, carpet, and hard plastic. After an on-site visit Color Glo specialists will examine your furniture and after a comprehensive evaluation will give your leather furniture the attention it needs: color restoration, leather repair, furniture deodorizing, carpet vacuuming.

Color Glo products are non-flammable, odourless, water-based, environmental friendly and dry quickly.

Unlike other products in the market, our products have been around for 45 years and are being used in over 50 countries.  The advantages of choosing Color Glo is that you and your furniture will never have to leave your home. And even if you are planning to sell your leather sofa set Color Glo will give it a good shine after which you will get a higher resale price.

Color Glo brings a shine to your furniture

Leather Repair for Corporates
Are your office chairs looking faded and drab and your budget won’t allow for new chairs? Don’t worry. Color Glo has a number of products and services that will not only leave your chairs looking as good as new but will be friendly on the pocket.

Color Glo offers leather and vinyl repair, color restoration, leather protection and deep leather conditioning. Every piece of furniture from the lobby, rows of cubicles, to the chairs in the boardroom will look brand new.

Color Glo’s products have been put together by chemists in Color Glo laboratories. Color Glo products are environmentally friendly, odourless, and non-flammable. Color Glo specialists have gone through an extensive training and are certified so rest assured your office is in capable hands.


Technology Parks
Technology parks look magnificent on the outside; the marriage of glass, steel, aluminium and granite. The inside is just as impressive; advanced lighting systems, carpeted floors, and colourful workstations. But oftentimes the executive chairs, sofas, and leather and vinyl interior detailing because of their regular use develops scuffs, tears, and cracks and if left unattended the cracks will deepen and ruin the aesthetics of the office. What’s the solution then, throw?

No. Color Glo.

Color Glo’s extensive range of products – leather cleaner, lanolin based leather protection cream, leather re-finish, upholstery cleaner, along with our specialists will give your leather, vinyl, plastic, and other fabric the attention it needs to look clean, new and smelling good.



You can now enjoy you personal items much longer
Are you thinking of throwing away that expensive leather jacket because of the mold? Does your favorite leather wallet have more scratches than money? And are those good ole boots ready to bite the dust? Hit Pause. Hear us out. We provide boutique services to repair, restore and recolor leather items of personal use such as jackets, wallets, belts, shoes, laptop bags, etc.

With over 8 years’ experience in repairing and restoring all types of leather goods, Color Glo can help you with your leather repair and care needs.

At Color Glo, we have researched, experimented and finally developed leather repair and restoration products that are tough on the wear and tear, but gentle on the material. Our team of experts has formulated these products keeping your leather pH balance in mind. Our customized boutique services will give your animal skin products a new lease on life.

Sometimes, the damage is minor, like a worn out or faded look. However, we still hesitate to use that dull looking handbag or wallet when traveling or meeting someone special. Not to worry. We also do partial or full color restoration without changing the product make.

If a section is too damaged for restoration, we can replace the section and color match it to blend with the surrounding leather.

So whether your favorite jacket is five years or 50, we will give it a makeover so you can enjoy it for many more years.

Why replace good memories when you can just polish them?